Friday, January 17, 2014

Heat and burnt veggies

I'm sorry about not posting for a couple of days. It has been too hot to do anything during the day besides sit like zombies in front of the brain-numbing tv and go out in the evening to water. We were watering in the dark last night because it took so long to cool to a bearable temperature.

So many of my veg have cooked in the heat

But at least it hasn't been as bad it could have because of my preparations. Last year a 40 degree day would have left all the veg wilted and lying on the ground by the end of the day but with the compost and water crystals most of the veg have burnt edges to their leaves but are still standing tall when I go out to water.

We have been extremely lucky in that we haven't had any bushfires close by although there are a lot burning in other areas of Victoria and SA. The Grampians is going up again right now. Luckily most of the fires have been started by lightening strikes and non by firebugs which is a first.
I have been expecting the local bush to light up, it is due for a fire. I hope it isn't this year.

I am looking forward to the next three days which will be a bit of relief from the heat with days of around 27 degrees but I expect the high temps to return after that. I hope that it doesn't happen till the start of next month when I can get rid of a few veggies at markets and still have something to sell.

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