Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I have been pouring the water onto the veggies but it is still not enough to combat the effects of the heat. Today was 43C and I am still yet to go out and water as it is still too hot. I think I will be watering in the dark tonight.

 I just hope I can get them through the next 3 days of 40+ degree days till we get a two day reprieve from the heat.
At least the beds that I have shaded and those I have added the water crystals too have coped better than the rest so far, just as I had hoped.

I am picking Alex, my new helper up from the bus in an hour (He missed the train from Melbourne yesterday). He is going to get a shock, lol.

Oh well, I really don't hae any more to report today as I have spent all day inside after the early morning watering so not much has been done.

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