Thursday, January 23, 2014

First tomato at last

Finally, weeks late, we have our first tomatoes ripening. I have so missed having nice tasting tomatoes that when we eat this one tomorrow it will feel like being in heaven.
The plants aren't setting much fruit but at least we are not stuck with those 'fake' supermarket ones.

I hate it when our tomatoes stop producing at the end of autumn.

Alex and I got stuck into the beds of shallots yesterday (BTW, sorry about the lack of post last night, I totally forgot) and pulled up two big plastic tubs worth. I still have two more beds to go and I'm not sure what I am going to do with them. I must use more self control when I go to plant them again and limit myself to two or three beds at most.

At least they will keep for a while, lol. I really hope they go well at the markets. Maybe I will offer some mixed 'Sample packs' of alliums on Ebay - shallots, walking onions and perennial leeks. I wish I had kept some garlic now to put in them.

There is not much other news to report. Alex has started on clearing the grass between the beds on J Block and we are watering every day because of the heat but things are going along well.
I will be heading down to the coast in a few days to go Muntries harvesting. I love Muntries season, I must make some jam this year.

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