Saturday, January 18, 2014


After suffering through some terribly hot days we finally had a nice, cool and cloudy day today so Alex and I were able to get a lot of weeding done on D and J blocks, as well as getting a heap of seeds in packets to sell.
I went over the the Mount yesterday and picked up a new printer as I couldn't get the old one to print well any more. The new one looks fancy and prints a lot faster and better.

Here is Alex weeding some melons. I am very pleased with how he is going, he asks questions and has a good feel for plants and gardening. He wants to start a rooftop hydroponics garden with a friend when he gets back to Hong Kong in a couple of months.

My cocoyams or Yautia (Xanthosoma sagittifolium) plants are starting to put out a heap of side plants so I should be able to have enough to taste this winter, maybe even some to sell in a year or so.
I only managed to keep 4 plants alive through last summer and the winter but those 4 plants were happy under a plastic cloch during the coldest months so I will do that again this coming winter.

This plants come from the South American tropics so I am happy that I can get them to grow at all here. They love it under the shadecloth tunnel but I am worried that they will grow too big for it.

The cocoyam produces a starchy tuberous underground stem which I have not tried yet. Aparantly the young leaves can also be eaten but I have not tried that either.

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