Friday, January 3, 2014

A new year, new possibilities

Firstly, I must appologise for not starting my first posts for the year yesterday as promised. It has been a bit hectic and I just forgot.

I don't have any photos today as I didn't spend much time outside this afternoon, I will get out the camera tomorrow. My sisters and I decided to get Pay TV on for my parents for a Christmas present so I was sitting inside for much of this morning waiting for the installer and watching him work. I didn't expect him to come for at least another week or ten days but it is good now to see the new programs that my parents can enjoy now.

It has become more and more windy as today has developed and I'm glad I put down most of the covers on my beds yesterday but I think the ones I left up may be blown over in the morning. Luckily they are so easy to fix up if they blow off in wind and they are light enough that they rarely do damage to the plants.

After a few hours weeding and digging very early this morning I am happy that I got some work done so I am not feeling guilty at all that I spent much of the afternoon checking out the new channels :)
The blocks are looking very good now, the ground is drying out a bit so the weeds aren't growing too much and I am able to keep on top of them, and the cool weather means that all the veg are growing wonderfully. I am feeling good about how things are going.

My next market is not till early Feb as the local markets stop in Jan so I am busy getting things growing for Feb when I am hoping to have enough produce for three markets. For some reason I am not being as efficient as I would like in getting stuff growing, I should have more stuff ready to harvest than I have. This is something to think about. I have more land than I did last year but it is hard to see that I am harvesting any more than I was then. It is a puzzle.

I will be back tomorrow with pictures and interesting stuff to talk about so I hope you check in then.

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