Friday, December 20, 2013

Poor sunburnt plants

After two days of over 40 C and a couple around 30 C I was happy to notice that my plants have coped a lot better than I had feared. The only plants that sustained any damage was the rosella and one bed of yacon.

There are a number of reasons that most plants came through this first taste of summer so well, there is still a little moisture in the ground and many tender plants are covered with shadecloth.

Burnt tips of rosella. They are starting to show some flower buds so I will have to cover them when we get some more hot, dry days.

One bed of yacon suffered but I think this bed is a bit dryer than the others. This bed is uncovered but I was surprised that the oca that is among the yacon plants weren't badly damaged. Of course it would be different if the how weather continued though.

I am happy that the hot weather combined with keeping the pots wet and humid has resulted in 5 new little oca seedlings. I was happy with the two seedlings that I managed to get up but these are a welcome bonus. As long as I don't get a pesky snail come in during the night for a taste I am looking forward to these seedlings being planted out.
I can't wait to see if I end up with a variety that is different enough to name and call my own.

I have been doing a lot of picking and podding of broad beans for seed over the last two days. My beans seem to have quite a bit of genetic variation so I have split them into 5 containers for the beds I will be growing next autumn. I love seeds, especially looking at them and running my fingers through them. It will be hard to sell off some but I now have buckets of broad bean seeds so I have to get rid of them. Lucky I have also found some great recipes for dried broad beans - My sister said that roasted, salted broad beans are absolutely delicious so I will make some of those.
- Craig, I have some Gippsland Giant seeds for you.

I put in a heap of seeds that I bought from Ebay in pots today. Now I am a bit of a loss as I am out of waiting for parcels and seeds to arrive for the first time in years. Looks like I will have to do a bit of buying again, lol.

EDITED - Just as I was finishing this blog post I was flicking over to ebay and found some more seeds to buy, Two different colours of broad beans (beans and flowers) and it looks like I will have to plan for another two beds. Now I am happy again, I love getting parcels.

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