Wednesday, December 4, 2013


What's worse that cutting up worms as you dig in the garden? Hurting and killing burrowing frogs.

We have lots of pobblebonks living in the ground around here and it is really sad when I dig them up, and worse when I am digging and hurt them with garden tools. I know there is nothing I can do but it is sad all the same. At least I know that the soil is good and people can have proof that I don't use much in the way of artificial chemicals as frogs are VERY sensitive to chemicals.

Here are a couple of pobblebonk pictures from a frog I dug up today (unhurt). Usually they are very placid but this one was feisty, I let him go as soon as I took some pics.

Most of the day I have been digging up my potatoes and replanting the beds. Some were a few weeks early but it really doesn't matter because most people expect seed potatoes to be small. I will be taking them to the Hamilton market on the 14th as it will be the last market till Feb and I can't take them over the border to the Mt Gambier markets.
By the time Hamilton starts again I will be nearly ready to dig them again as I grow them all year round and get two harvests a year.

It works out well for me selling them as seed potatoes as I can get around 10-20kg per bed (1x4m beds) after I have replanted the bed and I can sell seed potatoes at $10 per kg so I am easily making my expected per bed income of $100 per year in the potato block.

I dug 11 varieties but three types that were two young (sprouted late) were left and I will dig them next year.
I will over plant the beds with a quick growing veg like mizuna or Vivid Choi which will keep the beds productive till the tubers start sprouting again.

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