Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas and The Beast

Well that is another Christmas over and we had a lovely time here with all the family meeting which is a rare occasion now. I hope all my readers had a great holiday and I wish you well and happy gardening for the coming year.

I am now just getting back into my routine after having it interrupted over the last week but luckily the weather was with me so everything is fine.
I did have one upsetting experience though. I was a bit suspicious so I had a closer look at my Rosella plants and found that they are actually Daicon radishes. It is a bit embarrassing but as my excuse I have never grown rosella so I didn't know what they looked like. Yesterday I noticed that the plants were not looking like the shrubs that I expected them to look like and the leaves were closer to the radishes I am growing in the next bed.
I suppose I should have looked earlier but I just trusted the packet. Oh well, that is a bugger and I have gone onto Ebay today and ordered another packet of Rosella, from a different seller.

This is a couple of pictures of my ugly zucchini that I am thinking of calling 'The Beast', or maybe 'Butt Ugly'.
Last year I saved the seeds of a very ugly fruited 'Golden' zucchini just to see what they would grow into. I grew out four plants and they are all different. I will save the seeds from this one and see what I get next year.
I am just about to cut one of these to check the taste and texture before I totally make up my mind on keeping the seeds though.

It is so vigorous and interesting that I hope it is good to eat as I want to put them on my market stall. Even if they don't sell they will make an eyecatching display, lol.

In two days I will post with an overview of the year with everything that worked and didn't as well as observations and then I will get back to my regular daily posts on Jan 2nd.

Have a happy new year and make some outrageous resolutions. :)

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