Friday, November 15, 2013

Weeding, garlic and general chatter

Although cool, it was a great day for weeding so Aimee and I did that the whole morning. Everything is looking much neater now over at J Block and I am very happy at how things are looking right now.

Before going to look at the touristy spots around town this afternoon Aimee sat down to make a garlic braid after I mentioned the technique to her.
I think she did a great job considering that she had never seen one before and had no idea what they were. I left her to it and some minutes later she waved through the window to show me.

I will hang it up in the garage tomorrow.

My poor, abused tamarillos are finally putting out some flowers so I am hopeful for some fruit in the summer. I planted some in the shade of a tree and along a fence to protect them from frosts and it worked, but they still suffered and it shows.

I will have to stake them shortly as they are a bit tall and I think they might get blown over my the next strong wind.

I love tamarillos, they taste like a cross between kiwifruit and passionfruit to me. I will prune my plants hard after fruiting so they branch out for next year and I hope the extra age on them will help them cope with next winter better.

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