Friday, November 29, 2013

Vivid choi

A couple of months ago I was given some 'Vivid Choi' seeds. I put some of them in straight away and I have just harvested the first bed for the Hamilton market tomorrow.

I LOVE the colours and a couple of days ago I picked a plant to cook.
I happily found that they keep their colour when braised or steamed but I was a bit disappointed in the flavour. I think that people who like silverbeet will love these but they are a bit two bitter for my tastes - I did nibble a few leaves from both beds I planted and they all tasted the same.

My mother who does like silverbeet commented on how much she liked this choi but my father left his because of the bitterness. I will have to inform customers of this or they might expect them to taste mild like many other Asian veggies.

I will definitely be planting more, not only for the great colour but they grow quickly and will be a great veg when I don't have much else in spring. They should also make a nice, colourful 'rapini' also.

If someone had time to put into improving the flavour (well, to my taste) I think this new veg will take off.

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  1. That purple one is just gorgeous. I am in agreeance with you though, silverbeet is definitely a bitter taste. I would buy themjust to cook the a lot and so everyone thought how fancy I was with my food before I fed them to the chooks. Ever thought of eating some horehound first then trying them? They might taste as sweet as candy then.