Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trip to the dentist

I didn't get anything done today as I had to go to Portland to visit a dentist. $300 later and a 200km round trip I am ready to go another 15 years till I have to see another, well I hope.

I visited some friends on the way and on the way back we (Aimee and I) stopped to take a turtle off the road before it got skittled.

It was a bit shy for Aimee but she got her picture and I threw it in the nearby creek to save it from cars. At this time of year they go walkabout and many of them get run over as they travel or when they stop to warm themselves on the bitumen.
Aimee got to see quite a few wild koalas on the way so we had a good day out.

Back to work tomorrow.

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