Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sunny days and Aimee

It was a sunny day today, 26 C and will be warmer tomorrow so we worked in the morning and did a bit more before coming in just now. Aimee is a pleasure to work with and I am so pleased that she has come to help for a couple of weeks.

 Here is Aimee in my little shadehouse where we are choosing plants to be planted in a couple of days when it cools a bit.

We had to water all the fruit trees in pots today so it is time to put them out if I want to save them over the summer. It is a bit late but most of them are frost tender when young so I had no choice. There was a light frost this morning but I hope that is the last for the year.
If I put shadecloth covers on them they should be fine and put out strong roots before the real heat starts.

Aimee insisted that she take a picture of me as well. I am holding a pot of Jerusalem artichokes that should have been planted a month ago.

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