Thursday, November 28, 2013

seed potatoes, daylilies and silverbeet

After a boiling day yesterday we are back to a cold and rainy 14 C today and although my heat loving plants like tomatoes, corn and melons are stunted and sulking because of the cool weather I am really enjoying it. I have been able to get a lot more growing in this weather than last year at this time and my water bill will be way down. The great thing is that they have revised the weather forecast to maybe not as bad as last summer, yay.

Apart from a quick trip to Mt Gambier I have spent the day weeding and digging up some seed potatoes to sell at the market on Saturday. For a long time I was reluctant to sell seed potatoes as mine are not certified and I was always afraid that they would be full of disease for some reason even though they are from certified stock and grown in clean soil but I read some research that was done a couple of years ago (the results are on the web but I will have to search to find the paper) where the CSIRO took samples of seed potatoes from three seed spud growing facilities around Australia and tested them for viruses and other diseases and found that they had the same diseases as supermarket spuds but not quite as much. I was astounded, so much for disease free!!.
So since mine have no sign of any disease I am quite happy to sell them as uncertified seedstock.

Last year I put in a row of young daylily sedlings and they are flowering now. I don't know why the flowers and budsare not sold as garnishes and salad ingredients as they are so delicious and add some great colour. It seems only Asians know their real value.
 When they are bigger and flowering well I will sell the flowers fresh or dry at the market. I let some dry on the plants and have been picking and eating them as I work, yum.
I suppose the problem is that a few people have allergic reactions to them.

Here is a picture of one of my flowering coloured silverbeet plants. It won't be long till they will be drying and ready to harvest.
I let all the colours flower together and I get a great range of colours in the resulting seedlings.

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