Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Onion bulblets and elephant garlic

Back to normal today, yippee.
It was too hot to do anything this afternoon but I will go out and mow the lawn when it cools and before it gets dark. This morning I did some weeding and planting another bed of beans, I also dug my elephant garlic (See below)
On Thursday and Friday it is predicted to be cool again so I will plant out my beds of red and pink (Peppermint  variety) celery. The seedlings take so long to grow but I have to plant them out now even though the seedlings are small as I may not get any more cool days later.

 While I was doing my morning inspection I noticed that some of the flower heads of my California red onions were producing topsets. I have been doing some experimenting with this variety to get them to bunch better so I don't have to keep sowing seed but I have not had them produce these bulblets before. I will plant them out to see if the resulting plants will also produce topsets.

I had a really bad year with my elephant garlic but at least I did get one big bulb. It makes all the others look like infants.
These were the last of my garlic to be ready to pull. I have not consiously chosen early varieties of garlic but mine seem to be ready earlier than everyone elses. You can see by the green leaves that this particular bulb could have stayed in the ground for another week or two but the rest were ready and I need the bed so it came out too.

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