Monday, November 4, 2013

New helper and lovely days

I am really enjoying these fine and sunny days until the boiling hot weather hits in a month or two. I have little seedlings popping up everywhere.

My new helper Aimee arrived on the bus today and I am looking forward to getting a heap of work done. Tomorrow we start weeding the back block and tidying it up. She is a lovely young woman from Wales and it looks like we will miss her when she goes in two weeks already.

I have had a bit of a toothache for the last week so I plucked up the courage to make a dentist appointment for next week. I usually have to be put out to have any work done on my teeth but I am assured that things are a lot less painful as they used to be so I am going to force myself to sit in the chair for a filling wide awake. First time since I was a teen so they had better not make me regret that, lol.

I didn't get much work done but I will have a few pics tomorrow for you.

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