Saturday, November 9, 2013

Merino veg swap and banana bread

After a rainy day yesterday where we didn't get anything done besides filling some seed packets today was quite busy. We went to the Merino veg swap this morning. There wasn't many people there but I still came home with a couple of dozen eggs and a freshly slaughtered and plucked chook.

I made two loaves of kefir banana bread early this morning, one to eat and one to take to the swap. You wouldn't believe how delicious these turned out. I made them just the same as the kefir bread I posted about a few days ago.

They actually rose very well but the one in my hand in this picture was placed in a pan that was too big as I only have one loaf tin. That is why it doesn't look very high. I can't understand why kefir bread recipes all use a raising agent as well as the kefir when it rises perfectly well on its own.

I will be making a lot more bread this way as it is cheap and I am producing enough kefir to make a loaf every day.

I will be getting up very early tomorrow to make another couple of loaves to sell at the Sandford market tomorrow. I really don't have much to take and these loaves are cheap to make so they can supplement the globe artichoke and broad beans that Aimee and I picked this afternoon. I am getting over-run with broad beans. Lucky lots of people like them.
I have planted lots of beans over the last week. Red and green snake beans for fresh eating and a few other sorts for dry beans. I bought some light bean/cucumber mesh off eBay to put up on the fences around D block.

The rain yesterday was most welcome, especially as it is probably the last rain we will have for the next 6 months. It means that I won't have to hand water for a couple more weeks. It always amazes me how quickly plants respond to natural rain. Plants are growing very fast and look great after the almost inch we have received.

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