Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kurrajong seedlings and tripping around

We got stuck into work early today planting a heap of fruit trees and weeding so we were just about finished before lunch. Since we were running a risk of being bored I decided to take Aimee on a drive to the Wannon and Nigretta falls. These are not particularly large waterfalls but the picnic grounds are lovely and it was a great day for a drive. It was also probably the last days to see a reasonable amount of water going over before summer almost dries up the Wannon river.

This is Nigretta falls which is about 7km upriver from Wannon falls. The rocky gorge and river is beautiful at this time of year.

The picnic grounds are great and there are birds always flying around, got to watch out for the ants though. Aimee was surprised at the sight of a small bull-ant which she thought was big, just wait till she gets to see some real big Australian ants.

Here is Wannon falls. It is a bout 45kms from home. Although you can't see it well from the pictures the rocky bed and banks of the river makes a lot of beautiful photo opportunities. I used to love visiting both falls before the council decided to erect better signs and attract more tourists. I love having these places to myself.

My first bed of Kurrajong seedlings are up for the spring. If you haven't read my previous posts on Kurrajong, these are a native tree that has delicious edible taproots when young.
I experimented with trying to grow them in autumn but they didn't make it through the winter, definitely a spring and summer growing crop.
I hope my customers are willing to try them as they are a vegetable that they won't be able to buy anywhere else.

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