Friday, November 1, 2013

Damned starlings and

Have been busy weeding and digging for the past two days so there is not a lot to talk about. I am quite annoyed though because yesterday afternoon I found that the damned starlings had pulled up a whole bed of corn. There was only a couple of plants left and because it was sunny the plants they had pulled up were dry and dead so I couldn't replant them. I didn't buy much seed so these coloured maize seedlings were all I had. I will have to wait till next year and buy more seed now.
Luckily I still have my bed of coloured sweetcorn.

 This is how the back half of the back block is looking at the moment, neater than it has been for many months. With all the new seedlings growing it will look great by Christmas, well, before the summer hits it in full force and kills everything anyway.

The first of my caper seedlings is up. This is one plant I have high hopes for as it loves dry and low fertility soil. I have just the place for them when they are ready to transplant.

I have been putting it off but I have to make a decision in the next few days on what I am going to do with the dozen pots of tubers that I didn't have a place to plant out.
I have pots of oca, Jerusalem artichoke, Chinese artichoke, water chestnuts and more. It would be a shame just to discard them but I am having trouble getting rid of them at markets. People are just not yet ready to plant a lot of veg that they are not familiar with.
Hmmm, might have to find a few out of the way places, that I won't forget to water.

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