Sunday, November 3, 2013

D block doings

I spent a bit of time weeding on D block today. There are a heap of empty beds ready to be filled but as many of the melons and pumpkins that I had already planted a couple of weeks ago have died because of the cool, wet weather I have been waiting a bit longer for the weather to warm up before planting.
Usually October planting works well but the days have been cooler than usual for October so I will be planting out on Tuesday when my new helper who is coming tomorrow has settles in.

D Block is also looking a bit neater than usual but it won't be long till these empty beds are green and growing.
 I have been spending a lot of money on this block filling the beds with compost and water saving crystals and I hope that has the threefold benefit of increasing fertility, holding water in the summer and reducing the population of nematodes.
Only time will tell.

Again I have made the mistake of overplanting due to impatience. I sowed two beds with amaranth over a month ago but since the seed didn't come up (it was too cold)  I then put in silverbeet instead. Today I notice that the amaranth has now come up and I am not sure that both these plants will go well together with their size and vigour.
I will see how they grow together but if I have to I will pull the amaranth out of one block and the silverbeet out of the other.

My Gippsland Giant broadbeans are putting out lots of pods now. They are a bit behind the other broadbeans but that is because they were planted a lot later.
I am hoping for good things from these beans as the plants are very vigorous even with a lot of Earth Mite damage. I think the seeds will sell well and I will feed some to my father who adores them later to see if I will only grow these next year. I will only replace my Longpods if these ones taste as good or better. The pods are certainly nice and big.

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