Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Broad beans and seedlings

I had some friends pop over today which is always nice *waves* and while we inspected the blocks they did some valuable taste testing on my broad beans. I don't like beans and always assumed that broad beans all tasted the same but they tasted both my common 'LongPod' and 'Gippsland Giant' varieties raw as we walked and announced that the giants won the taste test by a LONG shot so that variety is all I will be planting next year.
I suppose that if you have never tasted anything else you would be happy with common varieties but now I think they will be cursing me because they will never be able to enjoy those again, lol. I will give them some 'Giant seeds next year.

I usually rely on my mother for most of the taste testing as I don't really like most vegetables - A damning thing to say for someone who loves to grow them, but I think I might have to cultivate some more friends for this job.

The seeds Aimee planted last week are staring to germinate even though the weather is still abnormally cool. I think that abnormal is becoming the new normal.

Here are some Asian cabbage seedlings

And radishes

The other work we got done today was to finish weeding the potato beds and put Seasol on D Block. I am happy with the way everything is looking at the moment and if this cool, damp weather keeps up a bit longer I should have enough vegetables for summer even if it does turn out as hot and dry as they are predicting.

Aimee is only here for a couple more days so I will take her for a drive tomorrow to the the Blue Lake in Mount Gambier for her last sightseeing trip while she is here.

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