Thursday, November 14, 2013

Millipedes and ground cherries

Although I love Groundcherries (Cape Gooseberries) they self seed so profusely that they are bordering on being a weed. I am seriously considering not growing them any more but they are popping up all over D Block and it is a shame to pull them all up. I suppose I will give up and put in another bed of them as I hate to waste good food plants.

Now that the weather is warming up a little I am being overrun with groundcherry seedlings all over the place.  Sometimes they look like other vegetable seedlings when young but at least I can tell them apart to pull them out when larger.

The variety I grow is 'Aunt Molly' which in my opinion tastes far better than the others. It has a sweet, fruity taste that is excellent cooked in tarts as well as fresh.

Again, my strawberries are being overrun with baby millipedes. I will go out in the next couple of days to make some traps using solar lights and trays of beer. I have heard that soapy water works as an alternative to beer so I might try that also.

My strawberry plants are doing better and are larger this year so I am able to at least get some to eat when the fruit it held off the ground by the leaves but I barely got any last year.
My other problem with strawberries is a tiny red and black bug that bits the fruit and makes them taste awful. I don't know how I am going to deal with them this year.

I took Aimee for a trip to see some tourist spots around Mt Gambier today. We saw the Blue lake, Valley lakes and Umpherston sinkhole where she got to feed and take photos of one of the resident possums.

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