Thursday, October 3, 2013

Whew, running around all day

This morning was all used up with a trip to Mt Gambier to drop of some chocolate mint plants and buying another mattress for my helpers when they come. The bedding for the helpers was not as comfortable as I would like, and my mother has borrowed the electric blanket and won't give it back so I have to get some more warm bedding.
The, of course, was the obligitory stop at Bunnings to buy things I don't need (soaker hose, seedlings, sprayer). My van would never forgive me if we forgot to go in there, in fact it is hard to stop it from going there by itself, lol.

When I got home I just had time to go around and inspect all the block when a customer came and wanted a heap of veg, and after a cup of tea it was too late to get anything done.

So although it was a busy day, there is not really much of interest to report.

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