Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Welcome rain still brings problems

We have had around 2 1/2 inches of very welcome rain over the past two days. Hopefully I won't have to hand water for at least another two weeks now. But it does bring it's own problems.

The back block is back to being a bog and half the melons and pumpkins I put in two days ago are sitting in their own little puddles. It won't hurt them as long as the water dries up a bit in the next couple of days but I am worried that it will delay their growth a bit.
I do have some plants that are enjoying the wet - the young celery seedlings love it.

My poor maqui berry just couldn't cope with the wet feet over this spring and I think it is done for. I was going to take some cuttings from it but I kept thinking that I could do that any time. Too late now.

Last year it hated the spring wet and I should have moved it then. Something about snoozing and losing I hear, lol.

It is amazing that a few grains of water saving crystals that were hard to see can turn into such large crystals when wet. I just hope they do the job this summer.

I thought I did a good job of burying the crystals but the beds where they were used are covered with them. Looks a bit weird.
I got another packet yesterday and I will dig the crystals into a few more beds tomorrow. It was too wet and miserable today.

I got the test beds planted with silverbeet today. One bed with water crystals and the next without just to see for myself if there is much of a difference in the summer.

It is amazing that down here we are cold and wet while NSW is hot and under dire fire threat. It is a bit frightening that they are having so many fires at this time of year, and it isn't even summer yet.

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