Monday, October 21, 2013

Sorry, no pics today - I have been busy all day and now that I have remembered to pick up my camera it is raining.
Spent all day planting all the melons, pumpkins and other cucurbits as well as sunflowers and Asian cabbage, even my mother came out to help this morning. After planting the all out I am wanting to plant some more of my favourite melons, I just don't have enough room though. There are so many delicious melons that I wish I had a few acres more to plant all the varieties I can, but then again I have to think of the glut and plated of seed that my mother has to put up with in her kitchen later on, she is a very tolerant woman in the autumn. Maybe it is better that I don't have more room.

My blocks are going to look very sunny and happy with the mixed colour sunflowers I am scattering around the beds. I have even planted a couple of bed to sunflowers and melons, with beans to come for a 3 sisters variation.

I have been asked to judge the produce section at our local show next month. It is only a tiny show with a tiny produce section but I have decided to sponser the fruit and veg next year with decent prizemoney and proper judging to make it a bit more professional and to attract more interest. It means that I can't enter my own stuff but it will be worth it anyway.

At my sisters insistence on taking a few selfies with my veg I have bought a new smartphone with a camera on both sides so I will be able to satisfy her sadistic streak - I am not very photogenic. She will owe me for every picture, lol.

Last bit of news, I will be taking my first lot of unusual edible plants to the Ladybug Nursery in Hamilton tomorrow. I hope they like them and want more regularly. I will try to do a bit of promotion for them on Facebook which will help.


  1. Well done on getting your plants into the LadyBug Nursery! I'm sure they'll sell well, too.

    1. Unfortunately they got cold feet when I got there and only bought two of each type of plant. Oh well, paid for my petrol. If they sell out I'm sure they will be buying a lot more.