Thursday, October 10, 2013

Seed ready to harvest already

Everything I kept over the winter for seed is either flowering or ripening their seed now. Unfortunately with seed ripening at this time of year it is hard to get them dry to pick, and the plants have not set much seed because of the cold and wet.
I don't mind if some plants don't set a lot of seed because I don't have to sell much seed, it is more important to have enough myself, but I have to have some plants flowering now so I can space out varieties flowering to save on the effort of isolating different varieties. It is easier to have one variety of beet flowering now on a particular block and another flowering in summer/autumn on the same block for example, so they don't cross.

 Here is a bed of Giant White kohlrabi flowering now. I love this variety as it doesn't go tough even when large.
Some of the later flowers may have crossed with swedes that have started flowering nearby and I will collect those seeds separately to see what that cross produces, just for my interest.

I will collect the seeds of the swedes but won't sell them as a lot will be crossed. The close planting was a bit of bad planning. Of course, I could have covered the swedes to avoid it but I just didn't get around to it.

My 'Rainbow' silverbeet is about to flower in two beds and today I hoed out all the other beds of silverbeet as they were bolting too. I only need two beds of flowers as they produce so much seed.

I got a great mix of colours from this crossing of colours last year so I am doing it again.

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