Thursday, October 24, 2013

Seed collecting between rain showers

Well, I decided that my seed collecting couldn't wait any longer or they would be scattering all over the ground. I don't mind volunteers but I do need some seed for other beds.

I had two beds to collect, Michihili cabbage and red choi so I waited till I had an hour without rain to dry them a bit and went out and filled my buchets with pods. Now all I have to do is let them sit in a warm place for a couple of days and then shake and squeeze the seeds out to dry.

There are still a few plants that had green pods so I left them and I will clean and replant the beds later.

I hope my Yautia (Xanthosoma sagittifolium) does better this year. Last summer I didn't look after the plant well but I did manage  to get some offshoots so now I have 4.
I have them planted in a bed with well drained soil and covered with shadecloth so I think they will do well and grow a lot better this summer.
I am really hoping to get to taste some tuber by winter next year.

The other plant I have in the same bed is aracacha, (Arracacia xanthorriza another Peruvian edible) which also has had a hard life. I managed to divide the one plant I had into 4 as well but the earth mites killed two of them so I am really caring for the two plants I have left. I hate molly coddling plants but these are special to me and I want to get a lot growing in the future.

I have quite a collection of South American food plants now, in fact a good selection of many native foods from around the world. If I won tatts I would buy some land and build an edible plant museum/arboretum/whatever so everyone could learn about edible plants of the world and grow them. Oh well, that has been a dream of mine since I was in my 20s but it will never happen. I am a food grower, destined to be poor my whole life, lol.

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