Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pulling garlic

It was a beautiful cool day today so I got 6 beds dug and renewed for planting. I am waiting for a load of compost to put on them which should be dropped off tomorrow so I might wait till my new helper comes on monday and give her some planting jobs. I don't want to bore her with just weeding.

I pulled two beds of garlic that were ready three weeks earlier than usual. They were ready to pick so I will renew their beds tomorrow also which will give me more new planting room.

The Monaro Purple garlic is half the size it should be but still much better than I expected them to be considering how sick they have looked since I put them in.
Half the plants died months ago and these that were left were so sick that I wondered if I would get any bulbs off them at all. They didn't even have the energy to put up flower scapes.
I couldn't find the reason for their condition. I thought it might have been nematodes but the roots didn't look knobbly, but I did find a few baby Argentine millipedes among the roots which could have been the problem perhaps.
I only ended up with a bucket of bulbs from the whole bed.

The other bed of white hardnecks were in even worse condition and of those that survived, only a few had decent bulbs, the others had just single cloves.

When I replant them I will put them in one of my other blocks to see if it was the soil but it just seems that this is a bad year for garlic. Even the Elephant garlic has done no good and you know how strong and weedy that is.

The Elephant and other garlic beds are not ready to pull just yet. In a few weeks I will see if they have done any better since they have not died off yet and are putting up scapes. My other garlic varieties are: Elephant, Australian white and an unnamed white softneck.

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