Monday, October 7, 2013

Natural vs unnatural

Today I received a 2.5kg parcel of water saving crystals in the post. Although I would like to grow food totally naturally there are a lot of things against a person who wants to do that commercially.

As the climate changes the summers will get hotter and dryers according to forcasts and I just can't afford to not have income for six months of the year (three months of heat and then three months of waiting for things to grow and ripen). I am trying to plan things so I will be using less water and protecting my plants but realistically, it is not going to be all natural.
I have mostly finished making shade covers for my beds and today I spent time digging in the water crystals a spade deep in a number of beds to try and cut down on water. I am using 500g of crystals for each of my 1x4m beds.

It is just a test at this stage with only enough crystals to do 5 beds and I have planned two beds side by side with the same plants but only one bed with crystals just to see if it really will make a difference. If it works I will buy a whole heap more next year.

It will be interesting to see the results over the coming summer.

One thing I am doing more naturally is weaning myself off all chemical fertilisers and pesticides.If things keep going as they are with the earth mites I will have to do something drastic as they have no natural predators that do a good job on them. I have tried ignoring them but the numbers continue to build and I just can't handle the destruction. I will keep using soap sprays over the summer as they will not wash off as quickly as at this time of year but I may need to try a systemic insecticide on one block to see if I can get the numbers down to a manageable number. I would hate to do that but I am running out of options. I just can't keep affording the amount of loss I am getting.

Well that is what I have been thinking today.

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