Monday, October 14, 2013

Micro-habitat bales and more

Apart from some visitors coming over to check out my blocks and attending the Merino produce swap there has not been much going on.

One thing I did learn about during the last week was using straw bales for micro-habitits for spiders. As they break down over time they get inhabited by spiders and other bugs that come out at night to feed on pests and go back during the day.

I will try it for a year with 4 or 6 bales on each block. It can't hurt and I can just dig them in when they have rotted down.

Here is how part of the back block is looking at the moment. I hate it how it looks messier and weedier than it actually is, or are my eyes blinded to realism and when I look at a picture I see it through a visitors eyes? I will have to think on that, hmmm.

In the foreground is the bed where I had my raspberries until they got fried during the summer. I think I will replant some and try to put up some kind of afternoon shade. Unfortunately I don't have a good place with natural afternoon shade where they won't get out of control.

I dug in another bed with water crystals in it for the capsicums, I really hope these things work. I also planted two beds with kurrajong seeds.


  1. Oh, you have Kurrajong seeds! I'm on the hunt for some too. Where did you get yours?

    1. Hi Amity, I get my seeds in Autumn from the local street trees here in Casterton and in Merino.