Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lots of digging and making kefir bread

My new load of compost arrived early this morning so I spent most of the day digging it and water crystals into 10 spare beds so they will be ready for planting. I am a bit tired now from all the digging and dodging plovers.
Practically every back yard in Casterton has a pair of plovers and most of them have chicks running around so the parents swoop on any potential threat they see. Most people spend their time walking around with hats and cursing but I like plovers, they eat lots of bugs and they only hit you if they make an error of judgement while swooping. Yesterday I bent over and one of the pair on my D block flew smack into my behind. I turned and waggled a finger at it and told it that a broken wing wouldn't help it defend its chicks, lol.
Only a couple more weeks and the chicks will be big and there will be no more swooping for another year.

Anyway... I made some sourdough bread with my kefir today. It turned out better than I expected and was delicious. Certainly much better than commercial sourdough and a hundred times better than fake supermarket sourdough. It tasted a bit fruity and sweet but hard to describe, anyway it will not last the night.

I didn't expect much of it but when I took it out of the oven it was risen well and had a nice, hard crust.

I forgot to flour the pan so the base stuck to the pan and I had to leave it behind. Not bad for a non-kneaded little loaf. Boy, it tasted great. I didn't use a recipe but I will tell you how I made it anyway.

Kefir Sourdough

Yesterday before lunch I strained my kefir and after putting the grains back in milk I was left with one cup of thick kefir. I added a tablespoon of sugar and one cup of plain flour to it and let is rise overnight. It smelt good and sour.

This morning when I saw that it was risen and a bit bubbly I added another tablespoon of suger, another cup of flour and some cinnamon and nutmeg and let it sit for another few hours.

This afternoon I just tipped it into a bread/cake tin without punching or kneading and put it in a 200C oven. The mix had not risen a lot so I was not convinced it would rise at all but when the heat struck it, it did. make sure you flour the tin before putting in the soft, sticky dough.

After a bit more than half an hour when it was golden I took it out and cooled it for 10 minutes before cutting and eating it. It could have stood another few minutes in the oven but I like it anyway.

This is definitely something I will be doing with my milk kefir often. It might work with water kefir also.

 I have not had my kefir grains a week yet but I am surprised at the wonderful taste both kinds have. My milk one thickened the milk for the first time yesterday and I expected it to taste very strong and sour but it was just like unsweetened yoghurt. I am not a yoghurt eater but I think I would have eaten this if I wasn't already planning to use it for bread. It was definitely not to strong for me and I might use it on cereal in the future or mixing it with jam or berries.
The water kefir is even better. Tasting a bit like apple juice when not fully fermented but I have been straining off the kefir and adding a piece of uncandied dry ginger to it and leaving it on the bench for a few hours before drinking and it is delicious. I wish I had learnt about kefir years ago.


  1. Well done on the sourdough Rowan, I can almost smell it from here! What lovely 'air' it has right through the centre. I will have to give it a go, but with milk kefir as that's what we have.

    1. I did this loaf with milk kefir but I will give it a go with water next time to see what the difference is.

  2. Hello,
    while searching for a simple kefir bread recipe I found yours, made it once and it turned out great :), right now i have a second bread rising. Thank you!