Friday, October 25, 2013

Kefir and markets and not much else

I am a bit embarrassed to go to the market at Hamilton tomorrow with the paltry amount of stuff I have. I remember faking a sickie for the October market last year for the same reason. Everything is either finished or growing with nothing to harvest. I did pick some kale, broad beans, a few bunches of silverbeet and herbs, and I could have picked rhubarb but it has been going so well all year that I am giving it a couple of months rest - it might be all I have to take next month, lol.

I bought some milk and water kefir off Ebay (again) last week and they have both been fermenting away happily on my kitchen counter, well, until my mother gets sick of having it there anyway. I bought both to see which I will like better, and for the health benefits people talk about. Even if I don't like them as they are I can still use either of them to make fermented vegetables and sourdough bread.

It is fun watching them develop. I think the milk kefir is going better at the moment and the water one is still getting used to my water. I expect them both to be multiplying within the next few days.

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