Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hot days and artichokes

A couple of hot and dry days have killed off the red legged earth mites early so I am taking advantage of this window before the heat really starts to get all my seedlings out. This is the first year I will be able to put out my melon seedlings without having to keep spraying them to keep them alive.

I usually wait till the volunteer tomatoes and melons start popping up to plant out mine and I was getting a bit worried because they are so late this year but they are finally showing up. Must be the right time for planting. I do tend to get impatient and plant them too early, just for them to ripen in January, when the markets have a break :(   This year I am staggering some of my melon planting so I have plenty of fruit in Feb, hopefully the row covers will protect them from sunburn and I will have plenty to sell.

Everything seems to be late for me this year. Other people around me have been picking their globe artichokes for weeks now but my first ones are just ready to pick. I should have a few to sell at the Hamilton market next Saturday.
Before you remark at the openness of this type, these are seedling stock from an old French variety and do not stay as tight as supermarket artichokes. They taste pretty good though.

I had given up on my Blue Sausage Fruit trees (Decaisnea fargesii) and thought they had given up the ghost during the winter but I see that they have begun to leaf out from the bottom. They are also called 'Dead mans fingers', what a name.
I will be planting them out on Monday so they can grow to a size before winter that they shouldn't get damaged as much by frost.

Please take no notice of the gooseberry cuttings that I popped in the pots. I didn't have another pot to putt hem in and these seemed a good idea at the time, lol.

I will be going to the Sandford market tomorrow. It is only a tiny market and I only go to support a local event, and it is close. The township of Sandford is having an arts festival along with the market so I will be there all day as they have extended the market times for it. Pity I don't have any vegetables harvestable for it so I will take a box of dried gourds from last season and a couple of hundred wall stickers (my standby for markets when I don't have any veg).

It is going to be hot tomorrow, around 29 or so degrees, so I have just finished watering the seedling beds. I was hoping not to have to water for at least another month but Mother Nature has other ideas.

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