Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Everything is springing away in spring

With all my melon and pumpkin seedlings coming up in the warm weather we are having at the moment I am going to have lots of work for my helpers in a week or so. I love this time of year when I plan all my melon plantings, even though I am cutting the number of melon varieties to about 30 this year rather than the 51 that I grew last year. I just have too many other things to grow as well so I have to plan my space.

The American Groundnuts are shooting away madly. I am surprised at how much they have spread now that I can see the shoots from last years tubers but luckily they are not a very vigorous or nasty vine so it is just good to take a note of, but I am not worried.

It will be good to see how big the second year tubers get. They are so delicious that I am going to push them next year as a new vegetable.

After buying a couple of iris a few weeks ago I was sent a catalogue by the iris nursery, they also breed new varieties. They are so beautiful that I just can't help myself. I will be putting in an order next week.

My particular interest is dwarf bearded iris that only grow 6-10 inches tall so I have put quite a few of them on the order form and left it out just in case my mother wants to order some too.

I can't get over all the colours, I wish I had enough money to order them all. Of course, where would I put th

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