Sunday, October 6, 2013

Drum planter example

Today I started on a project to show people without much space how much food they can grow on a square metre of ground.

I took one of the common blue drums that farmers get animal feed suppliments, liquids or other stuff in (you can buy them for about $30 or so in the cities if you look on Ebay or Gumtree).

These hold 180 litres and are about 100cm tall I think. They are made of tough, food grade plastic and are usually blue but sometimes other colours.

I used a chisel to jab a hole in the top to get the saw going. I used a small toothed pruning saw to cut off the top and place holes in the sides for the plants.

 This is the drum with the top off and holes (21 in all) in the side.

There are two ways to make this planter:
1, cut out the bottom also to let the water drain and worms get in (you can fit in another row of holes this way, or
2, as I have done, leave space at the bottom to hold water to make a wicking planter.

Tomorrow I will pop around to the garden supply place and get a barrow load of gravel to place in the bottom.
Then I will place a piece of polypipe in it so I can fill up the bottom with water. On the gravel I will lay some shadecloth then fill up the drum with potting mix, rotten straw and manure.

I will plant carrots in the top and lettuce and strawberries in the holes.

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