Friday, October 4, 2013

Checking out my finger limes

I got another finger lime in the mail today (I really have to recommend aussiefingerlimesinternational on Ebay as the tree I received was very healthy and superb quality).

Not many people realise that we have many native citrus species in Australia and finger limes are really getting a lot of attention lately. The great thing about the fruit is that they come in many colours - green, pink, red, purple, yellow and black. The fruit is as big as your finger and the inside is filled with flesh that is made up of tiny globules called 'citrus caviar'. Often the skin and flesh are different colours. The flesh tastes like limes and they are perfect for garnishing.

I have half a dozen finger limes and a desert lime at the moment. All my trees are small at the moment but because most are grafted three of them are flowering and fruiting, including the one I got in the mail today.

 This is the tree I got today. It is a green fruited type with green flesh. It already has half a dozen immature fruits on it and a few that fell off in the box.

Here is a closer picture of the fruit.

Here is one of my sickly seedlings. Although they look really bad they should come away when the weather warms up. Because they are seedlings I don't know what colour the fruit will be in a couple of years.

This is my 'Rainforest Pearl', it is a pink variety but it doesn't have particularly good reviews. The flower buds are just about to open so later in summer I will find out if the fruit is ok or not.

This is my desert lime. The fruits are smaller and round and I am not sure of the taste. I think I can see tiny flower buds forming when I look close.

This is a grafted one with pink fruit. I don't think it is 'Rainforest Pearl' but I will find out later. The flowers are almost finished and small fruits are forming.

As the fruits are sold for $2 - $3 each at the markets in Melbourne I am excited to harvest them for sale in a couple of years.

I also have a pot with some seeds just germinating now.

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