Saturday, October 5, 2013

3 sisters planting

Today I was cleaning up a heap of beds for my corn and sorghum. I have decided to make my space a bit more efficient by doing some 3 sisters style plantings. Apart from the usual corn/beans/squash or pumpkin beds I will also be trying out sunflower/snowpea/melon and yacon/American groundnut and other variations.
I am a bit disappointed that I can't use sorghum in this kind of planting as the roots of sorghum give off a chemical that suppresses other plants growing under them - great for weed control but limiting for diversity.

I am going to grow a lot more sorghum this year as I have just gone halves with someone in a little hand grain mill. I just have to try and keep the parrots off them as they decimated them last year. I have been thinking about getting a cane press for the syrup but that cost may have to wait another year.

I have a heap of different coloured sweetcorn varieties this year. So much for not bothering with corn, but it is so pretty and if I can also use the same beds for other edibles it is not to bad of a waste of space and I just couldn't resist the seed. I am looking forward to the end result already. Unfortunately you eat the coloured swetcorn too early for the colour to develop but you can still cook with them when mature and they are so decorative also.

I have also been putting some more seed in trays to plant out today and some will be reading for my helpers to do the work when they get here, lol.

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