Friday, September 6, 2013

Why must I always be disappointed in Diggers club?

Yeah, I do know better than to buy anything from Diggers club, they have a very poor reputation for their puny plants, but I really wanted some Burgundy Blush potatoes and they seem to be the only ones in Australia stocking them.
As I was buying the potatoes I saw that they have doughnut peaches and I have wanted one since I first tasted them last year. I know that I should have paid just a couple of dollars more to get one from a better site but while I was there....

Anyway, today the tree and potatoes came. It was a metre long box so I was heartened, until I opened the box to find a piddly little 20cm plant. I kick myself every time I buy from them and I will never buy a plant from them again - unless they have something special. Damn my impulsiveness.

Today was busy again as it was not raining though it has cooled down a bit. A frost is predicted on Saturday night so I'm glad I resisted planting most of my tomatoes and melons. I mowed the lawn, harvested a heap of swedes and beetroot for the market on Sunday, covered the cabbages with insect mesh to keep off the white butterflies, and did a heap of other odd jobs. Tonight I will have to get stuck into some paperwork that I have been putting off.

My muscles are aching the past week while I get back into the swing of work, but on the up side, I am sleeping like a baby.
What a terrible saying, babies don't sleep very well. Oh well, I am sleeping long and deep and waking up ready to bolt out and get to work. :)


  1. What the dickens is a donut peach??????? PS, I can vouch with venom for the fact that babies definitely do NOT sleep very well. I really hope you are sleeping better than that Rowan.

  2. And their seed packets are so stingy!

  3. ahhh Deb, my plum was the last straw with them, it too was 20cm long. that was 6 years ago and it still isn't even flowering. There seed sucks too, my huge Eden seeds order should be here Monday YAY!!!!

  4. Ditto on ditching Diggers. They started out well and then ...... never again will I be bitten by their hype either.