Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Surprisingly hot so I am busy planting

With these record high temperatures for spring (28C today) I have been busy getting the last of my tuberous vegetables in and have planted two beds of Chufa which is a new crop for me this year. I am so busy now that I might have to start blogging every day again - so much for my winter break, I was expecting another 4 weeks before the work starts.

 With all my work over the past year and a half getting rid of the grass in the back block it is looking pretty clear and it is now easy to weed by hand. Although it looks bare right now I will be starting to plant it in the next couple of weeks.
I have to take everything off during the winter as it usually turns into a swamp in late winter and spring but this year it was only wet for a couple of weeks and has dried out now.

So many vegetables are starting to flower now, from Brussels sprouts to kohlrabi. Here is a little patch of Ruby Streaks mizuna. I only planted a little patch for seed as I still have a heap of seed from earlier in the year.
It is very popular so I have to have a few bed coming on all the time, which means always having some seed on hand.

I have negotiated with a local store to rent a few shelves of their basement to store my seeds as it is always cool, even through the hottest months of summer. I don't bother freezing my seed as I always have fresh seed on hand and don't store it for long.
After nearly losing all my cape pepinos this year to the bad frosts earlier I notice today that some of the plants are putting out some new shoots from the base branches.

I put some cuttings away in our poly tunnel because I thought I would lose all the bigger plants but it looks like I didn't have to worry too much after all.

The warm weather shows not sign of going back to 'normal' so I might take a chance on sowing some melon and tomato seeds tomorrow. I understand that we will probably still get some frosts between now and when I would normally plant them in October but I won't use up all my seed so it will be ok if I lose them, but it will be nice to get some fruit for Christmas though. It won't hurt to take the chance I guess, and it is so hard in this weather to wait.

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