Sunday, September 22, 2013

Such a busy weekend - going to Ceres in Melbourne

I know, I know, it has been many days since I have posted... but I have an excuse.

I was going to post on Friday but went for a drive and ended up at some friends house in Heywood. They told me about a bus trip the next day to visit the Ceres environmental/urban farm project in Melbourne so I just had to ring up and find out there was a spare seat on the bus, luckily they could fit me on. It was funded by our local council or something so I didn't have to pay a thing which was perfect.

Anyway, then I had to make a rush trip around to the Heywood op shop so I could pick up some clothes because I was going to have to stay a couple of nights with my friends. Luckily they were having a sale, all you could carry for $5. I picked up a couple of nice warm jackets as well as a jumper, pants, t-shirt and stuff. Perfect.

At Ceres they had a heap of stuff to look at. Here is a vegetable stall with a good range of their fruit and veg. They have a market on Saturdays so more perfect for me, lol.

 They have done a lot of work and there are many areas with good paths lined with food plants and herbs. It was actually busier than these pictures show.
 Here is a picture of part of their little market garden.

Part of the Ceres area is made into tiny allotments for city people to grow vegetables in. This is an extraordinary area and everyone has scrounged anything and everything to make fences for their ellotments. It looks like the more weird maze you can think of made of all sorts of rubbish. I was both fascinated and repulsed by it at the same time.
I will never worry about my messy blocks again, lol.

They also have a nursery attached to it that had a lot of fairly expensive seedlings and other plants to buy. I came home with another finger lime and a couple of yam daisies. The whole complex is powered by soler and they have an artistic and fascinating wind turbine as well.

The only disappointing thing about Ceres is the cost of food in the two cafes. I really baulked at paying $15 for a bacon and egg sandwich and $7 for a piece of simple slice, but luckily they had a lad cooking sausages so I had one of those.

To finish, I would recommend anyone to go and have a peek a boo at Ceres if you get the chance, it makes a great day out. They also conduct a heap of interesting courses there and I wish I lived closer to take them.
Ceres is in Brunswick East.

All in all, it was fantastic to spend the weekend with my interesting friends as well as going on a bus trip. I enjoyed myself immensely.

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  1. lucky you! I've wanted to visit there for a while.