Monday, September 30, 2013

Planting, and weeding, it never stops

Sorry, forgot to take the camera out so no pics today.

This morning before the rain it was pleasant and warm so I got to and pulled and dug out all the beds of finished brassicas. I pulled off the leaves to put back into the oil and threw the stems over the fence to the sheep next door who now think I am a wonderful person and a great friend.

I planted a bed of snow peas and a few trays of assorted seeds - sunflowers, tomatoes and choi. I am going to be very busy spraying all the melon and pumpkin seedlings with soap spray every few days as the numbers of earth mites has not abated, in fact they seemed to have increased. I am starting to think that everyone in Australia has sent their mites around to me. Not happy.

Tomorrow is the fist of October so I will be sorting all my melon seeds and starting most of them in trays. I usually just plant them in the ground but the mites will make that impossible this year. I really should slow down a bit and spread out my planting or I will have the same problem that I had last year with all my melons ripening in January when the markets have a holiday.

If it is not raining too much tomorrow I will dig out all my spent kale plants and maybe plant my kurrajongs in those beds.

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