Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nearly ready for spring planting

We have had some rough rinds over the last couple of days but apart from a couple of plastic tree guards blowing off everything stood up well.

Withe the strong winds I expected some more damage to the broad beans but I planted them so closely that they have protected each other. There have only been a few blown down. None are staked but I have only got dwarf varieties in.
They are around 5 feet tall though so still a good size.

I am busy cleaning out some of the beds ready for planting in a couple of weeks. I'm glad I did manage to control myself with the planting as we have had a close call with frost a couple of days ago and maybe a frost tonight. I have plenty of time, especially as I used to start planting all my frost tender stuff on the first of December and now start on the first of November.

I am leaving the mulch from the spent plants on the beds that will have melons or other cucurbits in.

 At the moment there are heaps of aphids about and not nearly enough ladybirds so I have had to go around and do some spraying with soap spray. It works well but I do prefer not to spray at all. last year at this time there seemed to be more ladybirds than aphids.

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