Saturday, September 14, 2013

Naughty me *slaps own hand*

I've been so slack on my posting that I'm surprised that my sisters haven't pulled me up on it, lol. With my new hobby taking up a lot of my spare time (scambaiting) I have been forgetting to post even though I have been getting lots done.
I have a heap of beds clean and waiting for seeds, and more when I harvest them for the Hamilton market at the end of the month.

Many of my tuberous vegetables are popping up now, here is a yacon plant. Hopefully any frosts we get from now on will be too light to burn them off.

I am still waiting for the early spring frosts but we have been lucky so far.

It looks a bit crappy but I am trying to cover some of my young, heat tender trees the way I am covering my veggie beds. It is working even if they look a bit lopsided. We had some strong winds and they were still ok in the morning.

When the trees grow a bit bigger I hope they will be shaded by nearby trees which is one of the reasons I planted everything a bit close, sort of like a forest. If that doesn't work I will just have to put up posts around them for a couple of years to keep the shadecloth on in summer.

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  1. I thought about it Deb but I'm so slack with my own blog lately that I can't really tell you off!!!