Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nareen produce swap

It was a fantastic day for the swap today, sunny and mild, and it was probably the best swap I have been to. There were lots of people there and a fun atmosphere.

For those who don't know and who haven't been following my blog, a produce swap is a social occasion where people come to bring fruit and veg, or home baked goods, jam, plants etc and swap them for other peoples stuff. No money changes hands and it is a great way to catch up with other people you haven't seen in a while, meet new people to the area, chat and waste time or grab some stuff you need. I love them. I love to sticky beak on what other people are growing.

Anyway, this swap was so much fun. It was like a piranha feeding frenzy. There was so much great stuff bought that everyone was frantically swapping for an hour, exhausting but great fun. I think everyone was ecstatic at their hauls.

I took some bunches of carrots, mangel wurzels and some assorted vegetables left over from the market yesterday as well as a dwarf bearded iris in a pot. I came home with a great haul of a dozen eggs, three trays of cakes and slice, a big bunch of fresh flowers for mum, a red cabbage and two strawberry plants.

Some other towns swaps are done differently with everyone placing their stuff all together on a table and then picking up what they want from the pile but I prefer the way ours is done, mainly for the bartering feel and discussing the produce with the cooks or growers.

When I got back I did a heap of preparing beds for the seeding that I will be starting in the next few days. With the amount of work I am getting done there will be nothing for my new helpers to do when they get here on the 17th of October. Just kidding, there is always heaps to do, lol.

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