Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It has been a bit cold and drizzly the last couple of days so I haven't really done much except clear a few beds for planting. I am still enjoying these last two weeks before planting starts and the work really begins.

The broad beans are setting well at long last and although I won't have any for sale at the next Hamilton market I should have some for the other markets in the next couple of months.

My poor little Gippsland Giant broad beans are still small after struggling with the earth mites but they are flowering so I should have plenty of seeds for next year. They have amazingly big beans so should be a good seller for those who want something different.

Although the yacon is sprouting away well the rest of the tuberous vegetables are a bit slower. The Chinese artichokes (pictured), oca and American groundnuts are just popping up now.

I have some oca seeds that were sent from America that I planted a couple of weeks ago but I still haven't seen any movement. It is a bit cold I think so I put one pot of them in an electric seedling propagator to see if that hurries them up.

I an excited to get some more oca varieties.

I am so happy at the moment. I am in a much better position than I was last year at this time and although many veggies are bolting and are being pulled out I still have plenty for the markets.

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