Monday, September 23, 2013

Getting busy, it's good to come inside

Whew, I am sitting here eating a bowl of ice-cream with peanut butter mixed in (I love this combination MMMmmm) and enjoying a bit of a rest. It was a beautiful day and I spent all day from 6am out weeding, except for a trip into town to fix up a bit of business and a one hour nap after lunch.

I have half a dozen beds of poor golden shallots that were covered with weeds so that was the first job. The bunches aren't as big as they should be because of weed competition but that is the price I have to pay for my lazyness.

I have had a small experiment happening for the past three years where I plant the seeds from one cob of my black waxy corn to see how much inbreeding depression I can achieve but this variety is defying me.
Corn is very susceptable to inbreeding depression where if you inbreed them they become unhealthy, infertile and stunted.
I had decided to stop the experiment because I just wasn't that interested but I found a cob today that had been dropped last summer and had sprouted so I planted the seedlings again.
Generally to avoid depression you should save seed from 50-100 individual plants of corn.

I notice that my walking onions are starting to put up stems already. Great because I always have people wanting them.

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