Sunday, September 8, 2013

Carrots and Sandford market

Took a few items to the Sandford market today. It is only a tiny town with a market with just a dozen stalls so I didn't take much which was good as they seemed to have forgotten to advertise it. I did sell out of my veg and a few of my mothers cyclamen but wouldn't have been able to sell any more.
It is a good excuse to get out for the day though and I enjoy chatting to people that I don't catch up with often.

My table of vegetables. The celtuce all went which surprised me but the carrots were a bit slow - they are usually the first to go, but I suppose they weren't looking the best as the wet weather makes them go a bit 'hairy'.

Here are some carrots from an experimental be where I crossed all sorts of colours together. I am certainly getting some interesting ones out of it.
I am going to keep crossing them back just out of interest to see what happens at every generation.

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