Thursday, September 26, 2013

Awww, I got a thank you card

A couple of months ago I gave some asparagus plants to the Sacred Heart primary school for their kitchen garden. Today I got a card in the mail signed by all the students.

Another little school I like to help is the Merino Primary school. A few years ago the school started on the Stephanie Alexander school kitchen garden program and built a great kitchen and food garden. I think they have recently lost the funding so are struggling to keep the program going themselves which is difficult for such a little school with no money. It is the money to pay the teaches for that time rather than anything else that is most expensive.
I have had a look around and love what they have achieved and the students really enjoy growing food and cooking it. I wish every school was on the program.

Nothing to do with vegetables but this is what I am eating as I sit and type this.
Cook the bread on one side under the grill, then layer on banana, bacon pieces and cheese, then grill till the cheese is golden. It is delicious, but then anything with bacon on it is delicious.

Tomorrow I will be busy gathering stuff for the Hamilton market on Saturday. I don't have a huge variety to take but I will pick a heap of mangels, carrots, celery, rat-tails, parsnips and stir-fry mix.
The little girl from next door is coming over to help. They are city people who moved here as the father is a doctor and doctors from overseas (they are from pakistan) are encouraged (forced?) to do some training in country towns before a permanent place in the cities. I hope they stay when his contract is up as they are really nice people and he is a great doctor who is already getting a good reputation around town. They just became Australian citizens last week which is fantastic.
The girl is only eight and has no experience with gardening but she is showing some interest so I will certainly encourage it.


  1. How lovely to receive a thank you card. See you Saturday at the markets!!

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