Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wintery weather again and my Dr Hogg is here

My Dr Hogg apple tree came today, after a bit of a run around the country. I just love online tracking, I got a kick out of checking out where my tree had visited, almost like I was there. Every morning and night I could look up where it was and where it was going, it was almost as exciting as receiving the tree at the end.

This tree started off being packed away on the farm at the bottom of Tas, then spent a couple of days sightseeing in Hobart, Tasmania before flying off to Melbourne, Victoria. After an overnight stay it took a bit of a wrong turn and found itself in Warrnambool. A quick check of the GPS and maybe an embarassed word to a local it was on its way over to Mt Gambier in South Australia where it boarded a local courier to Casterton.
Now it is comfy in its now spot next to my other apple. I LOVE online tracking, did I tell you that :)

Anyway, after a morning replacing a door in my shed it came in wintery again so I got nothing else done, and no pictures, sorry. I know there is quite a bit more cold weatehr to come but it is great to see what is waking up and preparing for spring when I go on my inspection rounds in the mornings. I see today that the potatoes are popping up and the cherry tree is about to pop its flower buds.

Yesterday I went to Hamilton to do a bit of spending. Visited the tip shop to buy the door for my shed and then to Mitre 10 for hardware. I have decided to pay a bit more for better quality water hoses this year as they will last a lot longer than the el-cheapo hoses I have been uses. They cost a lot of money but I will save in the long run and it is difficult to get rid of old hose in town. As it is a few months till I will be needing them I will be able to buy a bit of hose each time I go to town without blowing a hole in my budget all at once.

In the last few days we have had some very windy weather but my shadecloth bed covers are holding up well. I am very pleased. I am feeling much more positive in all than I have in a long time, this will be the year when the market garden really gets going.

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