Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Whew, I've been so busy with my tanning course and finishing off some skins that were left over that I forgot to post last night. I am writing now a bit earlier than usual because I am attending the first meeting of the 'Casterton and area food growers club'. I have just made some biscuits to take and I hope lots of local people turn up.
The aims of the group are to support and encourage people to grow food at home, even if it is just a couple of tomato plants by their back door. I try as much as I can to encourage people to grow their own veggies and I hope this club will attract people because of a sense of community, that they have other like minded people around to discuss and help with problems and stuff.

I love the look of these - Brussels sprouts that have bust from the buds so I steamed a couple for my parents last night. They thought these were quite ok steamed and would be even better with a sauce (just like 'proper' sprouts), and they certainly looked good on the plate. I don't know why they are not marketed as a vegetable since they are so pretty.

These red ones would attract people back to sprouts if they were picked at this stage I reckon, and it would be an outlet for over ripe sprouts that would save on some farmers waste.

All you need to do is pick your usual sprouts and any that are left just open like this to give a longer season. I think I will grow a lot more just for these 'flowers' to put in my boxes.

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