Friday, August 16, 2013

veggie moulds and more

Forgot to post yesterday as I have been taking advantage of two lovely days to get out and do some much needed work. Now we are back to winter with gale force winds and rain for the next 4 days *sigh*

I have some news though, I have decided to become Australias only seller  (at the moment at least) of fruit and vegetables moulds, no, not the furry green kind - this kind

They are so much fun and not just for backyard veggie growers. The are great for moulding fruits and veg to sell at markets or to chefs. If you can double or triple the price on some vegetables it can be worth the mucking around for a small commercial grower.

I realise these are just novelties but it is so much fun to make fruits and veg with different shapes and I'm sure it is easier to get the kids to eat up with these on their plates.

There are moulds to suit all sorts of produce from square and heart moulds for watermelon and pumpkins to hearts for tomatoes and many more - AND I can sell them for a LOT less than anyone can find them on the net.

I am going to to experiment with them on root vegetables as well this coming spring. I know it won't be cost efficient but I have been thinking of how I can use them to shape carrots and beet,s as well as the usual apples and other fruits.

Since I am getting them cheaply straight from the factory and they are hard to get outside China and Japan I think I will have a good market if I can use some imaginative marketing.

I have a list of types and prices and I am working on a website right now - it is not finished but you can have a look if you like

When I get my fist shipment of samples of all 24 moulds (so far) I will post up pictures.They are popular in Asia and I hope I can make them so here as well.

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